Best of UK =)

Photo by Alexander Stangl

From September 2007 till May 2008 I was studying at University of Central Lancashire in Preston, UK. It was a really good and successful time I had there and I try to summarize this time with a “Best of UK” post.

1. Graduation / Hat / Gown

For graduation we had do wear the traditional gown what was a bit uncomfortable but all in all it spread nice emotions togehter with the celebration week =)

2. Leighton Hall

It is great to live together with other students under the same roof on the campus. It supported socializing very well together with our International Society and the Snowboarding Team Membership. The rooms in Leighton Hall were small but we had a big kitchen where we had some nice parties.

3. Oxford

Our short visit in Oxford was good because Preston can be DEpreston some times. Oxford showed us how nice/clean British cities can be. It also supported my idea of applying for a Master in 2009 there.

4. 2 Water Taps

I will never be friends with the water taps in the UK – no – i HATE them. Never ever before i burnt my fingers several times a day. My British friends don’t even know where the problem is and that there is something else around =)

5. Final Degree Project

Very succuessful as the CISCO Award shows =)

6. Val Thorens

Of course that is not in the UK but that’s where this funny snowboarding trip started =) The uclan snowboarding team invited us to come with them on a one week trip there. So we brought our snowboards and had a nice week – wait – sounds easier than it was. Bring snowboard by car to Vienna Airport after XMas in AT – airplane to Manchester – Train to Preston – Bus to Dover – Ferry to Calais – Bus to Val Thoren (24 hours) and back. But it was worth it – it is one of the nicest and biggest skiing ressorts i have ever seen. Perfect weather – cool parties.

So that’s just a little summary of my experiences – all in all, I recommend going abroad for studying to anyone.