Good News Everyone: Typewriter fully functional.

After many hours of work, my typewriter is now fully functional and printing your tweets. Check it out at

At the time of writing this, it actually already printed 68 tweets from all over the world.

However, since this is a project that will probably never be 100% done, here are my upcoming optimization tasks:

  • For whatever reason the USB WiFi dongle on the raspberry pi burnt. Replace to have ultimate mobile experience.
  • Streaming through my phone is not optimal. Best setup would be using a USB webcam driven by the raspberry pi which could stream up to a service that is capable of many viewers (sound / almost realtime)
  • Newlines are now done by me pushing a button, since I need to change the paper and be in power of the roller that brings in the paper for that. This should be optional and make the new lines by itself.
  • Endless paper is needed and attached to the cartridge to actually be fully automated.

Any thoughts on this / hints for streaming, please leave me a comment.


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