Get your ideas to flow into execution

Ideas just happen to me, that’s pretty easy going. Making them actually happen, by executing them, is the difficult part. That’s why we are working on Ideas seem to be liquid, they have a “flow” and are constantly iterating while working on the execution. To help with that process, we designed the “Ideaflow”:

  • After entering your initial idea, we automatically enrich it through semantics. Imagine your just posting one paragraph and we add related ideas, articles, images, tags and link from the web – basically helping you understand the environment your idea is in.
  • Your Idea is online and you can start inviting people to join the team.
  • Together you enter stage 2 of the Ideaflow, where mind-mapping /  brainstorming is happening to structure all the aspects of the idea.
  • When you see the big picture of your idea you can turn the mindmap into a wiki, where you start filling the gaps in your concept and can easily, via drag’n’drop, assign tasks to team members or yourself.
  • As tasks are getting completed and therefore your idea is executed, what was a concept first, turns into a project documentation.

Does that sound interesting to you? Feel free to get in touch and I can set you up with a free test account for your organization.

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Added Twitter Support

Now all new ideas are posted automatically to the twitter feed: openideas_tweet

Also all new contributors and contributions will be shared this way.

OxIS – Oxford Internet Surveys

Very interesting in the Christmas Edition of the Oxford Internet Institute Newsletter is the release of new Surveys on their website.

The World Internet Project marks the first time that a worldwide partnership of research institutions has compiled survey data on the behaviour and views of Internet users and non-users. The OII has been the UK partner in the WIP since 2003, with data contributed from our OxIS surveys.

OxIS – Oxford Internet Surveys.

But even more interesting for me, concerning academic backup for the idea behind, is the report of Bernie Hogan:

Report: How Canadians’ Use of the Internet Affects Social Life and Civic Participation

The report finds that Internet users are at least as socially engaged as non-users. They have large networks and frequent interactions with friends and family, although they tend to spend somewhat less in-person time and, of course, more time online. An appreciable number of Internet users are civically and politically engaged, using the Internet to find out about opportunities and make contact with others.

Sounds good to me =)

2007 wird die Welt verbessert “ geht online!

openideas.atDie Zeit ist reif, um die Initiativen der Menschen auf einen gemeinsamen Nenner zu bringen: bietet eine zeitgemäße Plattform um Menschen, die etwas bewegen möchten, zusammenzubringen! Wir bieten diesen Service kostenlos & benutzerfreundlich an. Jede Initiative, sei es ein lokales Vorhaben oder globale Projekte, wird mit der richtigen Basis unterstützt.

Wir schließen den Graben zwischen herkömmlichen Mitteln der Publikation eines Projektes (Mundpropaganda, Flyer, etc.) und dem Internet mit seinen unzähligen Möglichkeiten. Mit Hilfe von kann der Benutzer die digitale Barriere überwinden, neue soziale Netzwerke bilden, und für die Umsetzung seiner Ideen nutzen.

Zur Zielgruppe von gehören all jene, die etwas bewegen wollen -“ alle, die endlich selbst Initiative ergreifen wollen. Mitmachen kann jeder, egal wie alt – es sind auch keine besonderen EDV-Kenntnisse von Nöten!

Mit jedem, der an diesem sozialen Netzwerk teilnimmt, wächst die Basis von und somit die Anzahl potentieller Mithelfer, die zur Realisierung unser aller Ideen beitragen!

Mögliche Anwendungsgebiete von Du suchst Gesellschaft? Klassentreffen, Wohngemeinschaften, Lern- oder Reisegruppen, Kurse (kochen, Yoga etc.), diverse Veranstaltungen (Märkte, Vorträge, Feste, soziale Initiativen) Petitionen, Arbeitsgemeinschaften, Mitgliedersuche (Band, Verein)