Get your ideas to flow into execution

Ideas just happen to me, that’s pretty easy going. Making them actually happen, by executing them, is the difficult part. That’s why we are working on Ideas seem to be liquid, they have a “flow” and are constantly iterating while working on the execution. To help with that process, we designed the “Ideaflow”:

  • After entering your initial idea, we automatically enrich it through semantics. Imagine your just posting one paragraph and we add related ideas, articles, images, tags and link from the web – basically helping you understand the environment your idea is in.
  • Your Idea is online and you can start inviting people to join the team.
  • Together you enter stage 2 of the Ideaflow, where mind-mapping / ¬†brainstorming is happening to structure all the aspects of the idea.
  • When you see the big picture of your idea you can turn the mindmap into a wiki, where you start filling the gaps in your concept and can easily, via drag’n’drop, assign tasks to team members or yourself.
  • As tasks are getting completed and therefore your idea is executed, what was a concept first, turns into a project documentation.

Does that sound interesting to you? Feel free to get in touch and I can set you up with a free test account for your organization.

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