Time-Lapse Cube

Remember those really cool time-lapse videos on educational kids TV about how a seed started growing? Things moving too slow for us to recognize in our fast pace.

Last summer I tried to capture a day of the city of Toronto by using a web cam and fast forwarded it later. First try.

However, I am still fascinated how a simple fast forward of something changing so slow we would not recognize it, gives insight about how things actually change.

Researching ways of making time-lapse videos, I learned that is an expensive and time consuming hobby, if you want to make high quality videos.

So I started visioning what would be needed to make it very simple and cheap.

Introducing the TIME-LAPSE-CUBE

A small, cheap, simple to use and weatherproof time-lapse gadget.

  • Just 3 settings (1min, 1h, 1day)
  • Solar or battery powered
  • SD card for raw photo storage
  • ‘good enough’ quality of photos

Imagine, an under $50 dollar device that does nothing but take photos at a set time for as long as the battery lasts or until you stop it.

Put it anywhere you want and pick it up way later and get surprised when it spits a fast forward version of the things it has seen back at you. Placing it on your patio to watch this close by construction site go up, next to your flower bed, at a wedding party in the corner, in your car, wherever you can imagine.

Later you can download a time-lapse from it that  potentially caught funny moments, just beautiful development of nature or whatever else that was to slow to be recognized. Put it in your backpack, keychain, bike, anything.

So what do you think? Crazy? Useful? At least funny?

Hardware development has not started yet but there is already tons of ideas to make it as easy and cheap as possible.

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